Beauty Favourites


I love floral perfumes so it is no surprise that this Moroccan Rose perfume from the Body Shop has been one of my current favourites. I have actually had this perfume for awhile but I have only recently started using it more often. It smells very fresh yet musky with notes of rose, lemon, vanilla, and spices.


I am in love with this lip scrub from Lush. It is an amazing exfoliator and leaves my lips feeling so smooth. There are different flavours of the lip scrub that you can get, but I choose Mint Julips because it tastes like peppermint and chocolate. The lip scrub is made of a mixture of castor sugar and jojoba oil. To use it all you do is dab your finger lightly in the pot and rub it on your lips. Afterwards, you just lick it off and this is my favourite part because it tastes so delicious!


This eyeshadow was recommended to me by my fantastic hair dresser, Eriko, and I absolutely love it. The colours are so beautiful. They are very subtle when applied and it’s easy to create contours on the eyelid. I enjoy the range of makeup products of Motives by Loren Ridinger. They are affordable, yet great quality, and contain natural mineral pigments and anti-oxidents. If you would like to learn more here is the link to my hairstylist Eriko’s website:


My hair is naturally wavy so a product that I like to use is this Fructis texturizing spray. It adds so much texture to my hair and makes me feel as though I just came from the beach. It only takes two secounds to put in my hair but it makes all the difference. It is the first salt spray hair product that I have used so I can’t compare it to other sprays, but I love this one.


My favourite colour is forever changing but at the moment it is this shade of pink. It reminds me of cherry blossoms which I think are the most beautiful flowers in the world. I love Essie nail polishes in general because they are so easy to apply and last for a long time without chipping. This nail polish is called “Ballet Slippers” and I knew that when I found it that I just had to get it. The colour is so gorgeous and I will continue to wear it often until my favourite colour changes again.

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