That Summer Feeling







Lately it has been so beautiful out and it is making me excited to start looking for summer clothes. Usually I prefer dresses but a couple of weeks ago I saw these floral shorts and I knew that I had to have them. They are extremely comfy and since they are black and white I can wear them with anything. My favourite shoes at the moment have been these sandals from Aldo. I love the simplicity of the design and I wear them with dresses, shorts, and even jeans. I like how the height of the heel is quite low so they don’t hurt your feet when you are walking all day. The back pack is a bag that I use a lot when I am traveling but I have recently started using it on a daily basis. I love how it looks and even though it is not huge it can hold quite a lot of stuff which comes in handy when you are traveling. I hope that you all have had an incredible weekend and that you get the chance to go outside and enjoy this amazing weather!

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