Portland For The Holidays

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Every year during the Winter Holidays my family and I go to Portland. We visit family while there and spend lots of our time exploring the city. My favourite places in Portland are Blue Star Donuts, Powell’s Books, and Anthropology. I am not someone that generally likes donuts but I make an exception for Blue Star Donuts. They are made daily from a fresh brioche recipe and are the most delicious thing that I have had. Powell’s Books is the largest book store in North America and I usually end up spending hours there. This trip I got the book Not That Kind Of Girl by Lena Dunham. I have heard such amazing reviews of it and am excited to start reading it. Anthropology is one of my favourite spots to shop in Portland and I always fall in love with everything in the store. There isn’t an Anthropology where I live so I make sure to go every time I travel to Portland. These are my three favourite spots but there are so many other incredible places to go in Portland. I hope that you are all having an amazing holiday and have a Merry Christmas Eve!

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