Fireworks.jpgI love New Year’s. It is so exciting to start fresh and have a whole year of possibilities in front of you. I don’t neccesarily believe in New Year’s resolutions because I think that you should always be working on improving yourself and not waiting for a certain date to start. This being said, I do think it is important to set goals for yourself so here are some things that I am already working on or that I want to accomplish in 2016.


One of my biggest goals for 2016 is to start blogging more. This year I have been posting once every two weeks and I want to be posting more often. The more I blog the more I fall in love with it and I really want to to put more time into my blog. My goal is to start doing posts once a week if not more!

YouTube Channel

Starting a YouTube channel is something that I have wanted to do for such a long time. I am always watching YouTubers and love the medium of video as a form of expression. My channel will be about fashion, beauty, lifestyle, travel, and much more. I plan to start my YouTube channel this spring so stay tuned for more information!


I used to be a total bunhead. Ballet was my life and I dreamed of being a professional dancer one day. I stopped dancing a little more than a year ago and miss it so much! I would love to start taking classes again during 2016. The styles that I have primarily done have been ballet, contemporary, and jazz, but I would love to try hip hop. I have done a few hip hop classes in the past and love the energy and excitement of it. Hip hop is very different than ballet so I will have to remind myself not to point my toes during class.

Volunteer Abroad

Volunteering abroad is something that I have been wanting to do for years. Visiting a new place in world and giving back to that community seems like such an incredible experience. At the moment a few friends and I are organizing a volunteer trip for our grad class. The two countries we are looking at are Bali and Peru and we want to work with children. I am so excited to experience a new culture and way of life while volunteering during 2016!

Business School

I am graduating from high school this year and want to go to business school in September. I have been applying and putting together applications for universities recently and will be hearing back from them soon! Business is what I want to study because it will help me achieve my goal of being a fashion entrepreneur with my blog and photography.


When life is really busy it is so important to take time out of your day to relax or meditate. I used to meditate more often than I do now and I would like to start doing it more regularly, even if it is just for fifteen minutes.

Think and Speak Positively

I am obsessed with reading my horoscope (I’m a Scorpio) and was recently reading about my horoscope for 2016 on WhoWhatWear.com. One of the things that my horoscope talked about how the way that you communicate is very important. It said “The way we speak is the way we create our lives, positive talk yields positive results”. This made me think about how important it is to be positive, when both speaking and thinking. I am already quite a positive person but my goal for 2016 is to make more of an effort to have a positive mind and communicate with others positively.

I am so excited for the upcoming year and hope that you are as well. This New Year’s Eve I am going to a beach bonfire with some friends and doing a Polar Bear Swim on New Year’s day! What are your plans for New Year’s Eve? See you all in 2016! xx

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