DSCF7162.jpgAlmost my entire wardrobe is built out of minimal and neutral pieces. I am so attracted to the way they look and every time I go shopping I end up only buying pieces in black, white, or grey. I used to force myself to buy colour, but now I have realized that I shouldn’t make myself buy things that don’t suit me or my style. I think that simple and minimal clothing looks beautiful and can be worn in so many different ways.

DSCF7168.jpgI recently found this clothing rack sitting around in my house and decided to display my favourite pieces on it. There are always such gorgeous photos on Instagram of people’s clothing racks and thought it would look great to set one up in my room. Let me know in the comments what style of clothing you like! xx

23 thoughts on “Simplicity

  1. I love how you organized this clothes rack, I have one in my room but it is overstuffed with a bunch of different hangers making them stick out. I want to reorganize it to display my favorite pieces and try to shrink my wardrobe when I do it.


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