Love List

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There are so many things that I have been loving these past couple of months. It was difficult to narrow down my list for this post, but here are some of my favourite things that I wanted to share with you all!

Kinfolk: I mentioned around the Christmas holidays that I received a few issues of Kinfolk as a gift. They are something that I never get tired of reading so I am still enjoying them as much as before. The photos in Kinfolk are beautiful and each article is so unique and interesting.

Tales From The Back Row by Amy Odell: I also got this book for Christmas but I recently started reading it again. It is about Amy Odell’s experience as a fashion journalist and her opinions on the industry. Once I start reading this book it is very difficult to put it down!

My Very First Knockwurst by OPI: This is such a beautiful colour and it’s the only nail polish I wear anymore. I got it from a nail salon when my nail technician kindly gave me the rest of the bottle to take home. I am so grateful that she introduced me to this incredible nail polish!

Lush Mint Julips: This has been my favourite lip scrub for a long time. I love everything from Lush so it was no surprise when I quickly became obsessed with this product. It is easy to use and it tastes delicious! Since I started using it my lips have been so much smoother and I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a good lip scrub.

Gold and Silver Jewelry: I love the minimalistic look of gold and silver jewelry. I am not someone who wears colourful pieces so my entire jewelry collection is made up of gold and silver. In this photo is my Pandora charm bracelet and a ring from Aldo. They are fantastic because they can be styled with any outfit.

I hope that you enjoyed this post! Have a great Friday and I’ll see you soon!

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