Pretty in Pink

fullsizerender4.jpgFullSizeRender 2FullSizeRender.jpg

I have only owned this bag for a week and, as you can tell by these photos, I have already gotten great use out of it. Last Tuesday I went shopping with some friends and made it my mission to buy a colourful bag since most of the bags I own are black. This small pink purse caught my eye and I knew I had to get it because:  1. It is my favourite shade of pink 2. It is faux leather and the removable pink puff is faux fur and 3. I knew it would look great in photos. If you follow me on Instagram you can see this bag has created a bit of a pink theme which I can fully embrace. I hope you are all enjoying this beautiful summer and I will see you soon!

26 thoughts on “Pretty in Pink

  1. I loved the way you paired this outfit with the accessories. You dressed in all black and then gave to it a little more fun with the detail of the bag. That pink blush is so pretty. I’m taking a look at your blog and I’m loving it so far, already following you on insta so I’m always updated. xo


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