Lush Don’t Look At Me Face Mask

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Words cannot describe the love that I have for the Don’t Look At Me face mask from Lush. Before this mask came into my life I was using the Lush Oatifix face mask. Although it was great for moisturizing my skin I felt as though I needed something more. On my most recent trip to Lush a lovely sales associate recommended I try the Don’t Look At Me mask and I am so grateful that she did!

The face mask contains ingredients such as ground rice, murmur butter, and lemon juice. I love how it is exfoliating, moisturizing, brightening, and refreshing all at the same time. My skin has never been more smooth and I owe it all to the Don’t Look At Me face mask. I hope you enjoyed this review and I will see you soon!

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30 thoughts on “Lush Don’t Look At Me Face Mask

  1. I’ll have to try this one out! I was using the Dark Angel one and it broke me out REAL bad all over my face after about a week of using it. I don’t know if it was a purging process, but I did try and see if it was and stopped after it persisted for a couple more weeks. Hopefully this one will work for me!




  2. oatifix to don’t look at me is a huge change! i like what don’t look at me does but it’s so dang scrubby (& i don’t think i have very sensitive skin!). I usually get it when i turn in my 5 black pots since it’s in the most expensive fresh face mask category. Have you tried Love Lettuce? I love what that one does for my skin too.


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