Chasing Shadows


Happy Wednesday I hope your week has been amazing and that you enjoyed your Halloween weekend! A little while ago I received this beautiful Esa Liang White Sheer Mesh Outerwear Blouse from the online clothing store Dezzal. I love it’s modern look and how it appears structured and slouchy at the same time. It has such an incredible effect when layered over dark colours. In this post I kept the outfit very simple but paired it with my red lip bag to give it an element of fun. Dezzal is an online designer fashion shop that offers a wide variety of dresses, tops, and more designer clothes. I would highly recommend taking a look at their website along with their Facebook and Pinterest!


  1. I think that white mesh cardigan is a great pick! it’s so minimal and goes well with everything ^^
    It compliments very well with that red lip bag of yours.

    Thank u for stopping by my blog!


  2. This is an insanely cool outfit – and shoot! The long-length sheer material looks amazing against the bold, dark colour of the bag!


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