My New Favourite Tailor


I was first introduced to Style Stick® by a man named Keith, the creator of the product. What immediately struck me was its appearance. I could instantly picture the sleek black and white container, no bigger than a tube of lipstick, fitting perfectly inside my makeup bag. It wasn’t until after I had gone home and tested out the product that I fully understood and related to the excitement with which Keith had described it to me. Style Stick® is a non-toxic, water soluble clothing glue that can be used on fabric and skin.

DSCF2347 (1).jpg

I can honestly say that this has product has changed my life. Style Stick® has opened up a world of new outfits that weren’t possible before. So far I have mainly used Style Stick® on pant and sleeve hems, thin straps that are prone to falling off my shoulders, and glueing tops to my skin that have deep necklines. Other uses include holding down pocket flaps, keeping strapless tops and dresses in place, as well as preventing shirt collars from curling. It is refreshing to be able to put my mind at ease by knowing I don’t have to worry about any outfit mishaps throughout my day.


The Style Stick® is the perfect stocking stuffer and you can buy them online or find Vancouver and Vancouver Island retailers here. I hope you love Style Stick® as much as I do and trust me when I say, you will never catch me leaving the house without it.

14 thoughts on “My New Favourite Tailor

  1. gorgeous packaging. I could really use this product. I often make my own stuff, necklaces, clothes, that kind of thing and I think this glue could really help me a lot…because sometimes sewing everything takes so much time.


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