Roses In The Snow

DSCF2019.jpgDSCF2183 (1).jpgDSCF2032 (1).jpgDSCF2214.jpgDSCF2126 (1).jpgDSCF2095.jpgDSCF2062 (1).jpgDSCF2075 (2).jpgDSCF2167.jpgDSCF2009 (2).jpgDSCF1996 (2).jpgDSCF2056 (1).jpgDSCF1977 (1).jpg

Yes, I did almost freeze to death while taking these photos but I can definitely say that it was worth it. I recently realized that an alarmingly large number of the clothing purchases I have made recently are pink. This is fantastic since monochromatic looks are some of my favourite to style because of the attention it brings to the shape of each piece in the outfit. While shooting this look we realized that even my phone is pink! Let me know in the comments what colour you are drawn to when clothes shopping!

28 thoughts on “Roses In The Snow

  1. I don’t blame you for picking loads of pink clothes – the colour suits you! Love how the coat and bag are both near-blush shades too 🙂 Have a lovely Christmas!

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