KODO Rose Noir


Hello everyone! I hope that your first week of 2017 has been incredible! A little while ago I wrote a review on the KODO Calm Skin Soother which you can read here. Since then I have collected another KODO product! That product is Rose Noir, which is a perfume oil with the scent of black pepper and rose. We carry this scent in the clothing boutique I work at and I can honestly say that I have never smelled a scent like it. After months of obsessively smelling the Rose Noir sample at work I finally got one for myself.


I’m a huge fan of floral perfumes and I love how Rose Noir has the additional deep scent of pepper. All KODO products are locally made on Vancouver Island by a lovely woman named Reyna Goshinmon who I recently had the pleasure of meeting! Her products are 100% organic and there is not one I have tried that I haven’t instantly fallen in love with. Take a look at the KODO website by clicking here and I hope you have a beautiful Monday!

47 thoughts on “KODO Rose Noir

  1. The combination of black pepper and rose sounds beautiful and ever so sophisticated. The bottle is very sweet as well 🙂



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