IMG_9356 (1).jpgIMG_9326 (1).jpgIMG_9270 (1).jpgIMG_9330 (1).jpgIMG_9310 (1).jpg

Happy Saturday! I have once again returned to one of my favourite photoshoot locations, outside of an auto repair shop. I have been living in this black faux fur jacket since December and one of my favourite ways to style it is with black pants and boots. Enjoy your Sunday and make sure to take care of yourself before the start of a busy week! xx

48 thoughts on “Grease

  1. I love this set of photos, they’re so cool, especially the last one where you’re looking over your shoulder aha 🙂 I wish I had some cool shooting locations like this to shoot around where I lived! You look really lovely and I may have to invest in a big coat such as the one you’re wearing because you look so stylish yet sooo warm & cosy!! I’m not sure if you’ve ever watched Pretty Little Liars but you really remind me of Lucy Hale.. This is a good thing! Great post X



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