Zimmermann Fall 2017 RTW


Hello everyone! I get so excited during the Fashion Week seasons due to the fact that there is a constant supply of street style, backstage, and runway photography. This New York Fashion Week I fell in love with an endless amount of shows, my favourite being Zimmermann Fall 2017 RTW. 


I was instantly drawn to the effortless way in which the Australian brand combined both feminine and masculine elements. This is something that I incorporate into my own style so it was inspiring to see it on the runway. The show presented a wide range of looks from bold and boxy to bohemian and delicate. Another aspect of the collection that stood out to me was the colour palette. It utilized a variety of colours from soft pastel pinks and creams to rich browns and black. I can honestly see myself incorporating all of the Zimmermann pieces into my own wardrobe and I would love to attend one of their shows someday. Let me know what shows you are looking forward to in the upcoming or current Fashion Weeks and I will see you soon!


Photos: vogue.com

40 thoughts on “Zimmermann Fall 2017 RTW

  1. Hi Isabel Love your fashion sense and choice of the Zimmermann collection. Great colours and style. Love the models earrings and wish I could wear them too. Great red sweater dress – I love red too – one of my favs. Have found some great fashion pictures in magazines down here. Will bring them back for you. Lots and lots of love, Granny


  2. I love Zimmermann, it’s one of the Australian brands that I’m really proud of, if only their pieces are affordable haha. I love the fluttery floral dresses so much.


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