A Life Update and Some Vintage


Hello! It’s been awhile since I was posting regularly so I thought that for my second post back I would give you guys a quick life update. This spring I finished up my first year of university! It was stressful but also a really fantastic year. After second semester came to a close, I decided that I would take a year off from school. This idea hadn’t even crossed my mind until my mom suggested it, but after giving it some thought I decided that it was definitely something I wanted to do. I have always loved school and thought I would just power through my degree without taking any breaks. Despite this, I’m really pleased with my decision. I feel like it’s beneficial for me to have this time to clarify with myself what direction I want to take with my life and what goals I want to work towards. I’m currently working full-time at a jewelry boutique and saving up to do some travelling in the spring!

DSCF5577 (1).jpg

Before this post comes to an end I will also talk a bit about my outfit. I have recently started shopping at vintage and thrift stores more often. I have found so many unique pieces that are difficult to find elsewhere. Of course, you do have to search through some iffy pieces before you find the real gems but it’s always worth it! This entire outfit is created from vintage and thrifted pieces. Let me know in the comments if you have a favourite piece that you have found from a thrift or vintage shop and I will talk with you soon!

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