I’m Isabel Robertson, also known as Bella, and am an eighteen year old fashion, beauty, travel, and lifestyle blogger. I have always loved fashion and expressing myself through style, art and illustration, photography, and writing.

I have just finished my first year of business school and am studying in Victoria, BC. For the time being I am immersing myself in the fashion industry any way I can. I work at a beautiful local boutique in my city and it has given me an insight into the inner workings of the industry and taught me the tricks of being a good sales person. I have completed the Parsons X Teen Vogue Online Fashion Certificate Program and have learned so many skills from it in areas such as marketing, media, production, and design. This blog is a way for me to share what I love and find inspiring with an audience that shares the same passion I do. I hope you enjoy!

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Roofs, awnings, chairs, doors, windows and … your sweater. Everything plays a symphony of grays that your sweet expression seems to listen. Thanks for sharing and congrats!


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