March Inspiration

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Hello everyone and happy Tuesday! I am currently hiding away from the rain in a coffee shop and decided to put together an inspiration post! This month I have been very drawn to images and clothing of a wide array of colours and distinct shapes. In the past I have usually been attracted to simple shapes and less colour but that has definitely changed now! I hope you enjoy these images and let me know in the comments what has inspired you recently!

Photos: Tumblr

December Inspiration

Winter Fashion Inspiration

Merry Almost Christmas Eve! I’m feeling inspired tonight and want to share my favourite three images of the moment. I have always been a fan of pink hair, dramatic eye shadow and eye brows, and all black outfits. This collection of photos sum up these beauty and fashion looks and although each image is unique, they meld together perfectly. Comment letting me know what fashion or beauty look you have been inspired by this December!

Images: Tumblr and Pinterestย