Portland For The Holidays

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Every year during the Winter Holidays my family and I go to Portland. We visit family while there and spend lots of our time exploring the city. My favourite places in Portland are Blue Star Donuts, Powell’s Books, and Anthropology. I am not someone that generally likes donuts but I make an exception for Blue Star Donuts. They are made daily from a fresh brioche recipe and are the most delicious thing that I have had. Powell’s Books is the largest book store in North America and I usually end up spending hours there. This trip I got the book Not That Kind Of Girl by Lena Dunham. I have heard such amazing reviews of it and am excited to start reading it. Anthropology is one of my favourite spots to shop in Portland and I always fall in love with everything in the store. There isn’t an Anthropology where I live so I make sure to go every time I travel to Portland. These are my three favourite spots but there are so many other incredible places to go in Portland. I hope that you are all having an amazing holiday and have a Merry Christmas Eve!


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Last week my family and I went to Portland, Oregon for our last trip of the summer. We travel to Portland often since we have family there and we love how friendly and laid back the city is. Our favourite things to do in Portland are explore, look at all of the fun shops, read books in Powell’s book store, and of course, eat. If you are someone that loves food then you should definitely go to Portland. There are so many great restaurants, coffee shops, and food carts. My favourite two places that we went in Portland were Blue Star Donuts and Prasad. Blue Star Donuts is a donut shop that uses all organic and locally sourced ingredients. Their flavours are delicious and I am drooling just thinking about them. Prasad is a vegan restaurant that is part of a yoga studio. I got a brown rice and chili bowl and it was one of the best meals I have ever had! I will definitely try to recreate it at home. These were just my top two favourites but the dining options are endless. You will never go hungry in Portland. We were only there for a couple of days but it was such an amazing trip. If you are looking for a fun, vibrant, and friendly city with delicious food then I would highly recommend that you travel to Portland!