The Beauty Corner


Hello everyone! I hope your day has been fantastic so far! This morning I felt inspired by the beautiful weather and decided to go for a drive by the ocean. From the shimmering sea to the bright clusters of flowers surrounding my path, the scenery never fails to take my breath away. It is impossible not to feel incredibly happy whilst soaking up this gorgeous sight. For todays post I will be sticking to the theme of beauty and be sharing a few items I have been loving recently.


First of all, can we take a moment to appreciate how stunning and radiant this juice is. Not only is the Beauty Tonic absolutely gorgeous but it also tastes incredible. It was With ingredients such as rose water and marine collagen it is no wonder it is called the Beauty Tonic. I adore all of the Good Life Juices and love that it is a local company. Incorporating fresh juice into your diet is amazing for your health and an efficient way to consume more nutrients. You can find out more about Good Life Juice here! Unlike in the past, lipstick has recently become a necessity for me. The pop of colour adds so much to any look! My two go-to lipsticks at the moment are Monte-Carlo Rouge Coco Shine by Chanel and Rose Petal by Glo Minerals. At the moment I primarily wear only pink shades of lipsticks but I am wanting to branch out and try some new colours. Let me know in the comments if you have any recommendations and I will see you very soon! xx

My Top Six Healthy Habits

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Hello everyone and happy Friday! Today I’m excited to be talking about a topic I feel very passionate about. That topic is health, and that includes mental, spiritual, and physical health. I want to share with you the things I have incorporated into my daily routine over the past couple of years that have helped me significantly. So without further ado, here are my top six healthy habits!


I have a long history with meditation. My mom is Buddhist and I grew up practicing meditation with her. Therefore I was able to gain an understanding of what it was from a young age. For about a year now I have been practicing meditation by myself on a regular basis. Simply sitting with yourself in silence can be difficult at first but with regular practice it has made me more self-aware and has allowed me to feel more connected with the world. I meditate for 10 – 15 minutes every morning and find that as a result I am more present in my everyday life.

W A K E   U P   E A R L I E R

For me, waking up early is crucial to having a productive day. I consider myself lucky that I am naturally a morning person, sleeping in actually stresses me out. I like waking up early because it gives me time to start my day right. I can go through my morning routine without feeling rushed, therefore setting a positive tone for the rest of the day. I suggest that even if you don’t like waking up early, try waking up just 20 minutes earlier. You could use this time to meditate, read a book, enjoy some tea, or whatever you please. I promise this will make a huge difference to your day.

L E M O N   W A T E R 

I’m sure this is a tip you have heard before. Starting your morning with a warm cup of lemon water kick-starts your digestive system and rehydrates your body. It’s the perfect way to begin the day and I look forward to this simple ritual every morning.



Something else I do when I first get up in the morning is stretch. It only requires five minutes of your time and is incredibly beneficial. It wakes me up and makes such a difference to my energy level. I also usually incorporate some yoga into my stretching routine such as sun salutation.

G R A T I T U D E 

Yet again I have another tip for you to incorporate into your morning routine. Each morning I write a gratitude list. I had heard of many people doing this and I’m so pleased that I decided to as well. Happiness stems from being grateful for what we have, who we are, and who we are surrounded by. By acknowledging what I’m grateful for each day and writing it down, I no longer take the wonderful things in my life for granted.

B E   C U R I O U S 

Never stop learning. Be curious, read books, learn a language, explore, listen to other people’s thoughts and ideas. Learning is so important and I believe it’s incredibly beneficial to constantly be expanding our minds. Make it a goal to learn one new thing each day, even something small, and it will truly enrich your everyday life.

I hope these tips were helpful and let me know in the comments what healthy habits you practice. I would love to hear them! xx


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April Favourites


It is unbelievable how quickly this month has gone by! I can’t believe that in the beginning of April I was still in Tokyo and since being back I have finished up my first year of university. Before April comes to an end I thought I would share some things I have been loving this month!

FullSizeRender 2.jpg

Skincare: This definitely has to be the first on my list. Just before I left for Japan I started binge watching videos on Chriselle Lim’s YouTube channel. Chriselle has always been one of my favourite fashion bloggers and her skincare videos got me super excited about my own skincare routine. Because of the humidity in Tokyo I found that my skin remained dewy and moisturized with little effort the entire time I was there. Since coming back to Canada it has returned to its naturally dry state and so I have made an effort to invest more time into my skincare routine. A product that I highly recommend that you invest in is rose water. I use it as a cleanser and it is incredible for removing dirt and oil from your skin. Not only does it also have anti-inflammatory properties but you can add it to your tea as well!

Coloured Lens Sunglasses: I bought this pair of blue lens sunglasses for my trip and they kickstarted my obsession for coloured lenses. They are such a fun way to add colour to any outfit and I find them to be a nice change from my regular black lenses. Although I haven’t bought any more sunglasses since this pair I have had my eye on a few that I think I might just have to get!

Bralettes: I have always had a thing for bralettes and all things lace. This black one has been a particular favourite of mine. It looks gorgeous styled underneath of a sheer top and is incredibly comfortable to wear. Bralettes are absolutely a top pick for spring!

Tea: Last on my list is tea. I have always been one of those people that is constantly switching between being a tea person and a coffee person. At the moment I prefer tea and Japan played a large role in creating this preference. I am fascinated by the way that teas can have so many properties such as being energizing, calming, or healing. Green tea remains my tea of choice because of the antioxidants and delicious taste!

I hope you liked this post and let me know in the comments what your April favourites are! xx


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